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Following is a listing of committee positions with the current volunteer listed. Those positions without a name beside them still need filled. Please contact us at to volunteer as a leader or work on any of the Club committees or fundraisers.

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President  - Rob Marinelli

The President shall preside at all meetings of this organization and of the Executive Board and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  The President may also sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer. Responsible for all club activities. Report to Athletic Director. Represent club at Sideliners meetings.

Vice President Boys - Georgia Paxos / Stacey Nunziato

Shall work with and provide all possible cooperation with the President, and shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and Executive Board in the temporary absence of the President.  At the request of the President, the Vice-President may also be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Vice President Girls - Heather Wolfe

Shall work with and provide all possible cooperation with the President, and shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and Executive Board in the temporary absence of the President.  At the request of the President, the Vice-President may also be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Treasurer - Matt Wolfe

The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of this organization, shall maintain an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements shall perform all banking functions, shall sign checks and keep a current and complete record of all funds.  The treasurer shall prepare and present a financial report at each regular meeting and file a copy of the same with the Secretary and shall also be required to prepare a financial report within four (4) weeks after the expiration of each term of office and file copies of this report with the Executive Board.  This annual financial report shall become a portion of the permanent record of the NCSB after being audited.

Secretary - Nicole Curet

The Secretary shall maintain an accurate record of meetings, both of the general membership and Executive Board, shall maintain and keep current rosters of the students actively participating in the soccer program and attend to the general correspondence of the organization including the preparation of periodic mailings to the membership as designated by the president.  The Secretary shall also maintain an accurate membership roster of this organization.

Ad-Hoc - Audrey Bond

The Ad-Hoc shall act as Back-Up to toher Board Members and oversee Coordintating volunteers.  Other duties to be determined as needs arise and delegated by President.

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Fundraiser Chairs

April Lottery - Volunteers Needed

Time Frame – TBD for 2020

Print tickets, assign tickets to players, collect money from ticket sales, track winners, communicate winners to webmaster and coordinate payment to winners with Treasurer.

Meet the Team Picnic -  Audrey Bond (Understudy Needed)

Time Frame – May through picnic date (typically early August)

Reserve Commons and arrange for chairs, tables and janitor; order main dish; distribute invitations to each player and assign side dishes, desserts, etc.; track RSVP’s,; obtain plates, utensils, cups, beverages, condiments, etc.  Set up and tear down.

Program Book - Jane Upperman

Time Frame – March through first game

Ad Sales – maintain list of current ads and player responsible, create ad sales packets for each player and distribute, collect ads and money from the players and or business, coordinate with the layout volunteer to place all ads.

Program Layout – Create layout for soccer program, select and communicate with printer (Belmont Business Systems in the past), collect senior profiles and pictures, coaches bios, coordinate cover art, collect updates to schedules and history.  Have programs available by first home game.

Concession stand - Audrey Bond / additional Volunteers Needed

Time Frame -  July through end of season.

Coordinate volunteers to serve food at each game, coordinate volunteers for nightly specials, order stock, train volunteers, collect food donations.

Spirit Wear - Lara Kimbell

Time Frame – May through August

Select vendor for spirit wear; determine logo and apparel items to offer; distribute fliers with selection information; collect orders and payment; submit orders to vendor; distribute orders; arrange payment to vendor.

Miscellaneous Fundraisers  - Volunteers Needed

Time Frame – January through September

Determine fundraisers (ie: Restaurant nights, candy bar sales, yard signs, etc.), coordinate with the business to set up the fundraiser, distribute fliers and/or coordinate communication of event.  May enlist the help of volunteers for each fundraiser if you so choose.

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Web Master - TBD

Time Frame - All Year

Maintain club web site. Contact with any additions or corrections at

Boys - Web Master - Nicole Curet

Girls - Web Master - Matt Wolfe

Middle School - Web Master - N/A 

Time Frame - June - November

Help author new content for the website; update box scores and game reports; update all away directions; keep Google calendar up to date.  

Boys ScholarshipsVolunteers Needed

Girls Scholarships - Volunteers Needed

Time Frame - November - May.

Manage process to award 2 scholarships to graduating seniors at the Awards ceremony in May. Involves distributing scholarship forms to Seniors, selecting judges, meeting with judges, deciding winners, notifying Guidance of winners, making the award at the May ceremony.

Middle School Liaison

Time Frame – All year

Middle school liaison.  Coordinate middle school game night, recruit ball boys/girls.  Work with local facilities to provide indoor and spring playing opportunities for middle school age players.  Arrange field time, put together teams, register teams with the league/facility, arrange coaching (typically the high school coaches are involved), communicate with middle school players and parents about opportunities, collect fees, arrange for payment to the facilities.

Youth Camp Volunteers Needed

Time Frame – April through camp date 

Schedule field, coaches, port-a-johns, first aid kits and equipment; create flier and distribute to grade schools; collect enrollment forms and fees; design and order t-shirts; coordinate player volunteers with assistance from the high school coaches; sign in campers and over see week of camp.

Banquet Chair - Julie Moldvay and Lauren Tula

     Boys Coordinators - Volunteers Needed

     Girls Coordinators - Volunteers Needed

Time Frame -  September through November

Select location for event; determine meal; coordinate end of year video; create and distribute invitations, collect RSVP’s and payments and follow up on RSVPs not received; provide deposit slip and RSVP payments to Treasurer; decorations; program, etc.

Boys Senior RepresentativeVolunteer Needed

Girls Senior RepresentativeVolunteer Needed

Time Frame – July through end of season

Submit Senior profiles to program volunteer; work with Senior players to coordinate warm ups, pre-game music, etc.; coordinate Senior game, manage senior gifts and coaches gifts for banquet.

Boys Travel Meals (Varsity/ JV-White) - Volunteer Needed

Boys Travel Meals (JV-Orange) - N/A (may arise on an as needed basis)

Girls Travel Meals -  Audrey Bond

Time Frame -  July through the end of the season.

The two volunteers work together to determine the meal vendor and menus.  Each volunteer takes orders from the players/coaches and collects fees; works with coaches on delivery times; picks up meals and delivers to bus or arranges for delivery from vendor; manages payment(s) to vendor.

Boys Photographers (Varsity/ JV-White) - TBA 

Boys Photographers (JV-Orange) - TBA

Girls Photographers - TBA

Take photos during games, post to web-site, help create banquet night video production.

Boys Reporter - Volunteer Needed

Girls ReporterVolunteer Needed

Time Frame – All season

Take game stats and maintain season to date record of all games, provide updated copy of such to coaches after each game; provide box scores to local paper and website.

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