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Chris Woodburn was a natural athlete, blessed with God-given skills including speed, quickness, endurance, agility, vision, and intensity. Chris excelled at every level of competition. Early in his soccer career his athleticism allowed him to score often. But Chris' youth soccer coach, Neil Baasten (current Hoover Varsity coach), taught Chris that to shut down a good offensive player it takes an even better defensive player. Defense quickly became Chris’ favorite position and is where he blossomed into a mature player.

At Hoover, now retired assistant varsity coach Alfredos Shiepis was very inspirational in teaching Chris the importance of defense and worked at improving Chris' technique and knowledge of the game. As a freshman he was brought up to the varsity level and played two entire tournament games. As a sophomore he started as defender and was named to Second Team All Federal League. As a Junior Chris captained an outstanding defense and earned First Team All Federal League. Before his untimely death, Chris had high expectations for his senior year and looked forward to playing Division One soccer in college.

Chris' presence on the field consisted of much more than physical talent. What contributed more to the team's success were Chris' spirit and leadership qualities. He brought out the best in his teammates, often making them raise the caliber of their game and expectations of themselves. He had an innate sense on how to motivate soccer players and truly believed that positive encouragement and constructive criticism brought about the best results. He worked to develop good team morale. He did his best to foster unity and had a knack of knowing when a teammate needed a word of encouragement. Chris loved to win and he took losses hard. But he came to understand that giving your best was what was really important. Chris was an outstanding athlete, an outstanding leader and most of all, a loving and caring person. These are the characteristics for selection of the Chris Woodburn Memorial Soccer Scholarship.


Year Recipient
2018 Aaron McFeaters
Hayden Walbeck
2017 Arthur Bodenschatz
Charlie Bond
2016 Nathan McFeaters
2015 Blake Knox
2014 Michael Somody
2013 Alex Bodenschatz
2012 Brian Foust
2011 Austin Okray
2010 Andrew Todosie
2009 Thomas Ballas
2008 John Malloy
2007 Taylor Kiefer
2006 Ryan Adley
2005 Matt Andrews
2004 Greg Habib
2003 Chad Ostrowski
2002 Colin Whiteman
Eric Hendricks
2001 Nick Habib
2000 Peter Vandervaart
1999 Keil Cox
1998 Paul Bohas
1997 J. R. Rathjens
1995 Scott Rankin
1994 Ethan Benore


Colin Whiteman
Eric Hendricks


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